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The International Press Institute announced today that they have selected 25 finalists from a total of over 300 candidates for the IPI News Innovation Contest. eReaders Group is proud to announce that eLinea is one of the 25 finalists!

The IPI News Innovation Contest is aimed at advancing the future of news by funding new ways to digitally inform communities in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Via these grants, International Press Institute (IPI) is supporting projects from profit or non-profit organizations and individuals that revolve around online news that advances press freedom, the development of more sustainable business models and the training of journalists.

The contest was initiated by Google Inc. with a grant of $2.7 million US dollars.


Fleur Stigter writes about new online publishing initiatives and critically examined eLinea in an extensive article. Stigter: “since February the Dutch have access to a unique news service [...] and important Dutch publishers are very willing to participate.” She wonders: will eLinea sweep international news organisations off their feet? Read more from this entry »


Recently, in the Netherlands, a highly promising e-reading platform has been developed for journalistic articles of the highest quality. This platform, called eLinea, offers publishers an innovative distribution channel through which they can earn fair amounts of money with their digital articles. Readers can subscribe precisely to those articles that are issued by their favourite writers and editorial teams. eLinea then supplies the reader with his or her favourite high-quality articles, whenever, wherever and on whichever device the reader wants them. Publishers receive 70% of the subscription income.

Because eLinea offers many advantages, not only to publishers but also to readers, eReaders Group has now decided to develop an international version as soon as possible. In view of this, we are seeking to establish contacts with internationally renowned publishers who are interested in the attractive business model that eLinea can offer them.

Pilot scheme
Publishers who are interested in issuing their digital content through eLinea are invited to participate in the international pilot scheme, which offers them all these advantages:

  • Participation is free of obligation: publishers who participate in the pilot scheme are in no way bound to do so later, after the public launch.
  • Participation is free of charge: publishers will incur no costs. For the duration of the pilot scheme, eReaders Group will fully bear the costs of custom linkages, if necessary, to feed the content of the publisher into eLinea.
  • Participating publishers will have exclusive insight into the results of the pilot scheme.
  • Additional advantages for participating publishers are that when eLinea is publicly launched, not only will they already occupy a leading position but we will also heed their wishes regarding the admission of their competitors to eLinea.
  • For the duration of the pilot scheme, use of eLinea.com will be restricted to authorised users only: only those who are on an eReaders Group green list will be able to make use of the pilot version. Of course, employees of the participating publishers will also be able to make use of eLinea.com.
  • During the pilot scheme, eLinea.com will be extensively tested with the aid of international groups of test users. Participating publishers may, if they so desire and in consultation with eReaders Group, set up their own groups of test users and their own surveys (using their own survey questions).

The pilot scheme will run from 1 September 2012 to 1 May 2013, which is the date planned for the public launch of eLinea.com. Our aim is for 10 to 20 internationally renowned publishers to participate in the pilot scheme.

Click here for more information about eLinea. Publishers can click here for further information. Other kinds of potential partners who are interested in eLinea can get further information here.